Whistler Condos – The Perfect Getaway

Vacation time can bring a mixed bag of feeling. Of course, there’s nothing more delightful then travel to relax you and help you unwind- but it can also be stressful trying to find the perfect spot for your needs and budget. It can also be difficult to know which providers to trust, how to get a great deal for your needs, and all the other nitty-gritty heartache of travelling.

Situated as it is in one of the most beautiful areas of British Columbia, Whistler is a great spot to attract skiing and snowboarding fans alike. There’s a reason that this area has bid to host the Winter Olympic games. It even boasts some of the largest uphill lift capacity around, a remarkable achievement for so small an area. That’s not all the area offers, however. Whether you’re looking for tranquil peace and quiet, or you’re interested in exploring the cultural [and culinary] history of the area, Whistler has something for everyone.

It can be daunting to try and figure out what areas are best for you, however. Here are some tips to get the best vacation fit.

Start by knowing where you want to be.

Location, location, location. The phrase is cliché for a reason. There’s a ton of fantastic spots in Whistler- but there’s not point in being right on the ski-trail if you’re here to explore the night-life, or booking a condo that’s right in the bustling heart of Whistler Village if you’re hoping for some peace and quiet. You’re the best person to know what a perfect holiday in this beautiful area would look like for you- be sure to have a firm idea of what you want before you even start looking.

Where can you go in Whistler?

Whatever you want to get from your holiday, whistler will have it. There’s many quality locations with ski-in/ski out access, or you can opt for a mountainside sanctuary to retreat to. If you absolutely must have access to good restaurants, fun activities and a vibrant night-life scene, be sure to look close to the Whistler Village itself. At locations like the Blackcomb lodge, you’ll have direct access to the Blackcomb gondolas, as well as superb proximity to shopping, dining and night life facilities.

Away from the bustle

If that sounds more like torture then fun, don’t  despair. If you’d prefer to get away from the bustle of the central village, but still want slop access, location like the Horstman House Hotel will be perfect for you. A boutique hotel with limited rooms, however, it’s wise to book this one early. In addition to direct slope access, it boast easy access to the Lost Lake Park and some of the best active vacation destinations that Whistler has to offer. Or head directly to areas closer to the lovely Lost Lake Park and it’s golfing and lake facilities. It also offers free shuttle services to the village so you won’t be isolated from the restaurants and attractions.

Whatever you’re looking for from your snow vacation, Whistler offers it to you- don’t hesitate, book today.

Whistler Accommodations – Right in the Mix

As great vacation spots go, you can’t get better then Whistler. This angelic area of British Columbia has everything going for it, from great vacation spots through good food and perfect skiing and snowboarding areas. In fact, Whistler has the greatest uphill lift capacity out there!And there’s plenty of the best of Canadian hospitality to go around, too. Here’s some tips on getting the perfect lodging for your vacating.

Packed with vacation opportunity.

Firstly, remember that there’s a ton to do in Whistler. Decide what most takes your fancy before you start looking for your perfect travel accommodation. Is it skiing? Then you’re going to want to stay near the slopes. Do you need great dining or night life close by? Would you prefer a quiet stay in the pristinely beautiful views? Make sure you know what your ‘must have’ list is before you start shopping around. The good news is, no matter what you’re looking for you’re bound to find it here!

What the Whistler village offers.

Whistler Village offer a vibrant schedule packed with festivals, music and night sports. If you want a vacation packed full of life and go-go-go, you’ll want to explore options like the Blackcomb lodge at the village heart. With a great West Coast vibe, this cosy holiday option will keep you comfortable and right in the heart of the action. Whether you want to party all day [and all night] or simply want to be able to indulge in some of the best tastes British Columbia has to offer, the bustling heart of Whistler Village will give you what you’re looking for.

Accommodation off the beaten path.

If you’re not one who travels to be the life of the party, you may be looking for something a little calmer and quieter. In the pristinely beautiful countryside of the Whistler area, that’s not particularly hard to find. All the same, you’ll want to be able to access the tourist attractions, ski slopes and snowboarding areas easily too. Look for facilities like the Stoney Creek Lagoon condos for the perfect balance between quiet and convenience. Access to the village from this are is still simple, and there’s a great local mall to keep you stocked up in necessities. All the same, you’ll be able to relax in peace without the party atmosphere at the village centre. More details in this post: http://www.bestravelmall.com/mont-tremblant-a-fun-program-for-our-local-kids/

The perfect choice for alpine sports.

If you’re a dedicated skier, you may want to consider the Horstman House hotel for your needs. It even offers ski-in access to the Home Run trail. Coupled with a fabulous set of amenities to delight any taste, it can’t be beaten. There’s only 51 suites available, though, so be sure to book as soon as you can. Combining the perfect balance of private luxury and ease of access to the village, it’s a perfect combination for any skiing vacation.

Whatever your budget or tastes, the bustling village at Whistler and it’s tranquil surroundings can provide you with the perfect vacation get away.

Mont Tremblant: a fun program for our local kids

If you’re into skiing or snowboarding, and are considering heading for the beautiful Mont Tremblant resort, don’t despair for your little ones. There’s great fun to be had for everyone, no matter your age. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, keeping kids entertained on the slopes is easy and trouble-free!

Tips for vacation travel with Kids in Mont Tremblant.

Before you even get to town, be sure to check in with BabyRendevouz, a unique service that will ensure anything you and baby could possibly need in Mont Tremblant will be waiting for you in your room when you arrive! While it’s not as much of a concern for locals s for visiting tourists, it’s still an incredibly convenient holiday service. If you’re worried that your holiday will be a bust if you’re travelling with particularly young children, don’t. There’s two fabulous kids parks close at hand to ensure holiday fun, and if you’d prefer to keep your little one inside and under your watchful eye be sure to investigate Studio Creatif and it’s wonderful offerings. This fabulous ceramics company provides paint-it-yourself arts and crafts to keep people entertained. For the more bold, there’s also bungee swings in the area. As long as your child meets the weight requirements, they’re welcome. It’s a sport best left to older kids, however. Younger children will enjoy the nearby climbing wall.

If you’d prefer a group activity, there’s a ton of lovely bike trails in the Mont Tremblant area. Why not crack out the bicycles and take the whole family for a beautiful scenic ride in the countryside. If you’d prefer a more educational touch be sure to check out the regular bird of prey shows that take place on top of the mountain. Teach the kids about the beauty and wonder of these threatened species in the gorgeous surroundings of the mountain. There’s even opportunities to get close to the birds themselves, and watch the experience handlers work with them.

The MON Tremblant program for local children

The MON Tremblant program teaches local children about the joys and fun of snow sports. The program includes a free lesson, rental equipment and the lift ticket, all provided for free. Alpine sports are, of course, a huge attraction in the area, and this unique program enable children to grow their passion for skiing and other snow sports. This child-friendly program is a great way to encourage kids out onto the slopes and develop their passion for sports while they have fun. Working closely with local schools, the resort hopes to develop a passion for snow sports in every child. This tourist-free service also includes a discount pass for the slopes. There’s also discount rental options [only for the little one, mom and dad!] and discounts on the lift tickets for parents as well.  This award winning program is not to be missed!

From community engagement to enjoying the local facilities, there’s no excuse not to have fun with your little ones in the Mont Tremblant area, whether you’re a visitor or lucky enough to live in this beautiful spot.

Check out this post for more informations: http://www.bestravelmall.com/7-places-to-satisfy-your-sweet-tooth-in-mont-tremblant/

7 places to satisfy your sweet tooth in Mont Tremblant

If you’re coming to Quebec, you can’t come only for the great skiing and snowboarding! There’s stunning hidden gems for those with a sweet tooth throughout the Mont Tremblent area, and you’d be nuts to skip these decadent treats from your vacation travel bucket-list.

Young or old, it doesn’t matter. Canada- and the Laurantine area in particular- offers a ton of sweet treats to delight young and old. Whatever tickles your sweeter side, you’ll find it nesting in the footsteps of the Tremblant holiday spot.

The Canadian classic.

How can you vacation in Canada and not try the Canadian classic- maple syrup! Even if you think you’ve tried maple before, you haven’t done it the real way, we can guarantee! So be sure not to skimp on this Mont Tremblant must. Whether you want a sweet treat right now, or you’re looking to take presents home, there’s a host of maple options suitable for any purchase. Try the delightful Sugar Shack for the area’s best treats.

A decadent chocolate vacation.

Forget the skiing and snowboarding, you haven’t experience Mont Tremblent ’till you try the chocolate! This decadent sweetie makes a perfect companion to alpine sports- and a great excuse to stay in too. There’s few of s who can resist a perfect chocolate treat, so make sure you schedule the Chocolate Factory into your schedule.

Pastries and Candy for all.

Who can travel to the Tremblant area and not fall in love with these super treats? If you’ve a love for all things vintage, or simply want to enjoy a host of sweet travel treats, be sure to stop by Oh la Vache and sample their superb pastries- from waffles to cookies, sorbets to ice cream and everything in-between, you won’t be sorry. If you’d rather stick to the classic Canadian crepe, look no further then la Maison de la Crepe for your needs.

If you’re more into the pastel-and-bright world of candies, the Candy Shop couldn’t make it’s intentions any clearer. Allow yourself to be lured in for the best range of gums, truffles, fudges and cotton candy you’ll ever sample. Let your inner child free to have fun.

Healthy fun for your travels.

If you’d rather keep it clean on your vacation,  the Fluide Juice Bar was designed for you. From veggie juice to fresh squeezed fruit, it’s all here. You’ll even find delicious vegetarian treats and gluten-free goodies to keep you fired up and ready to snowboard.

Local delights.

No sweet tour of the Mont Tremblant area would be complete without sampling a Beaver Tail. These delicious whole-wheat pastries are made to mimic beaver tails- but their taste is far superior. Serve them hot and lathered in butter with the perfect flavour of your choice. So popular are these local treats that you’ll find them all over the village- what better excuse to sample the spread!

Whatever sweet goodie tickles your fancy, you’ll find anything and everything you need for a great vacation treat in the wonderful alpine town of Mont Tremblant.

Check out this link for more informations and help: https://www.booking.com/landmark/ca/mont-tremblant-activity-centre.en-gb.html